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Section AB02 Bed Backrests 

Angle Adjustable Back Rest


Product Code: 9160 or KA547

Product Code ADLMOV66355 (Wider Version)

normally stocked item



The Pillow support is a useful backrest which provides support for sitting upright in bed. The angle of the frame may be adjusted by an easy and simple method from 40° through 70°. 



  • Overall Width 500mm                                                        or (570mm for ADLMOV66355 wider version)

  • Overall Depth 390mm                                                            or (500mm for ADLMOV66355 wider version)

  • Overall Height (min) 570mm                                                 or (600mm for ADLMOV66355 wider version)

Bed Backrest, Colour Blue, Angle adjustable

Bed Wedge

Product Code: 100009 (Waterproof Version)
Product Code: 100010 (Quilted Version)
normally stocked item

top quality bed wedge


Gently scalloped and angled Bed Wedge. Elevates and supports the upper body, allowing easier breathing and digestion. Scalloped top surface provides a safer sleeping position for those who want or need to sleep or rest in an elevated position. Adjustments enable angle to be from 14° to 10°. Can be used on the bed, couch or floor. Available as Waterproof or Quilted.



  • Width 680mm

  • Length 750mm

  • Maximum Height 250mm

  • Minimum Height 40mm

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