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Section AB12 Self Lifting Stands

Overbed Pole, Epoxy Coated, Free Standing


Product Code: KA510

normally stocked item



Free standing self help pole with length adjustable triangle.
Allows the client to pull themselves to a sitting position in bed. 

Over Bed Pole

Days Over Bed Pole


Product Code: DAYOBPOLE

normally stocked item



This free standing self help pole can be used in conjunction with a conventional or hospital bed. It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble.


  • Adjustable handle on webbing strap

  • Overall height 1680mm

  • Footprint 760mm x 850mm


Maximum user weight 130kgs

Free Standing Over Bed Pole

Self Help Over Bed Poles for Electric Beds


Product Code: 5057600M0 ( To suit Etude Duo Bed only)

Product Code: SPDAYBED21873 (To suit Casa Nuova 3 Bed only)

Product Code: SHP05 (To suit Engrit Beds only)

Product Code: WL1065 ( To suit Ikan Walmsley Beds only)

normally stocked item



A lifting pole provides overhead support for those who find it difficult to rise out of bed.
Designed for raising a person to a sitting position and not lifting the entire weight of the person off the bed.


Self Help Over Bed Poles For Electrtic beds

Serves for the enhancement of the patient's mobility. The lifting pole is attached to the corners of the bed (in the head part). The lifting handle can be easily adjusted in both height and depth. 

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