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Section AB17 Heel Elevators 

DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevator

Product Code: DS HE L - (1 Large Relevator)
Product Code: DS HE S - (1 Small Relevator)
normally stocked item


DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevators have been designed to elevate the heel and cover and protect both Malleoli, the bony prominences on either side of the ankle. DermaSaver Heel Elevators are anatomically contoured and are more comfortable that other types of heel elevators. They are soft and stretchy and have a comfort ensuring "give".



DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevator

DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevators are made in 2 sizes. Simply measure around the circumference of the widest part of the foot and heel as per the diagram.

Skil - Care Heel Protector - Super Soft

Product Code: 503410
normally stocked item

This superior heel protector combines off-loading of the heel in addition to providing comfort and control of foot drop.


  • Universal size heel protector designed for treatment and prevention of heel pressure sores.

  • Open heel design effectively eliminates heel pressure by suspending the heel in the air and also promotes faster healing

  • Covered with a soft launderable Cozy Cloth fabric.

  • Extended height prevents sheets and blankets from contacting the toes.

  • Reduces risk of plantar flexion (foot drop).

  • Easy to apply with adjustable straps for custom fit.

  • Launderable, reusable, and guaranteed for six months.

  • DVT compatible.

Skil -Care Foot Drop Boot


Product Code: 503170 Foot Drop Boot Small (3" wide)
Product Code: 503171 Foot Drop Boot Medium (4" wide)
Product Code: 503172 Foot Drop Boot Large (5" wide)
Product Code: 503174 Foot Drop Boot,Extended Toe, Medium (4" wide)

normally stocked item



Supportive plastic inner liner controls plantar flexion (foot drop). Heel is suspended above a cavity for maximum pressure relief. Synthetic sheepskin liner provides comfort, prevents bruising and minimizes shear force. Fits either foot.

Supplied individually.

Skil care Foot Drop Boot

Skil - Care Heel Float


Product Code: 503034 Heel Float Small (3" wide)
Product Code: 503035 Heel Float Medium (4" wide)
Product Code: 503036 Heel Float Large/Bariatric (5" wide)

normally stocked item


  • Off-loads the heel over an air cavity to eliminate pressure.

  • Floats the heel over an air cavity for zero pressure.

  • Provides air circulation to aid healing of existing ulcers.

  • Water-based gel insert lowers pressure beneath ankle.

  • Covered with a soft launderable Cozy Cloth fabric.

  • Anti-foot-drop construction controls dorsal flexion.

  • Launderable and reusable.

Skil Care Heel Float

Skil - Care Heel Float - Wipe Clean

Product Code:503047 Heel Float, Wipe Clean, Small (3" wide)
Product Code:503048 Heel Float, Wipe Clean, Medium (4" wide)
Product Code:503049 Heel Float, Wipe Clean, Large (5" wide)

normally stocked item



  • Zero pressure on heel

  • Low-Shear II cover reduces skin-damaging friction and wipes clean for easy care

  • Suspends heel over air cavity to eliminate pressure

  • Water-based gel insert lowers pressure beneath ankle

  • Wipe-clean and reusable

  • Prevents plantar flexion

Skil Care Wipe Clean Heel Float

Soft Form Heel Pad

Product Code: 9102
Product Code: 9120A (Single)

Designed to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel area, the Softform Heel pad provides excellent immersion for high risk areas, the gel sacs allowing pressure displacement and even weight distribution.

The Softform Heel pads are available in double or single models. Both feature high frequency welded seams to prevent contamination, have a vapour permeable stretch cover with PU base and are comparatively lightweight (at 3.58kg and 1.5kg respectively) to enable safe and easy handling for carers. 

Soft Form Heel Pad

Leg Relaxer

Product Code: 100012 (Quilted)
Product Code: 100013 (Waterproof)
normally stocked item



  • Relief for aching, cramping legs and feet

  • Reduce lower back pain, varicose veins and poor circulation.

  • Designed for use on the bed to aid circulation and vascular drainage. Provides even weight distribution and alleviates lower back strain. Ideal for those with varicose veins or swollen legs, and during pregnancy and convalesce.

  • Removable insert allows you to customize the angle to suit.

  • Slip-off quilted or Steri-Plus cover. Optional cotton over-slips available. 

Leg Relaxer

Legs Up


Product Code: 100018 (Vinyl)
Product Code 100019 (Corduroy)

normally stocked item



Superb leg support to elevate and soothes aching legs, and to aid circulation.

Recommended for:

  • Varicose veins.

  • Swollen feet and ankles.

  • Tired legs.

  • During pregnancy.

  • Convalescing.

  • Heart conditions. 

Legs Up Leg Support to Elevate and Soothe Aching Legs
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