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Section AJ06 Medical Footwear

OrthoWedge Shoe


Product Code: DAROW


Approval Required: NO
Approved Prescribers: OT, RN, PH, S, LMO



OrthoWedge Shoe can be worn on the right or the left foot. It can be used post-operatively after operations due to hallux valgus, after hammer toe/claw toe surgeries as well as for assisting the healing of forefoot ulcerations. 

OrthoWedge  Shoe

Medical Surgical Shoe


Product Code: DARMSL


Approval Required: NO
Approved Prescribers: OT, RN, PH, S, LMO



  • Square toe design acts as a bumper to provide additional protection when K-wires are present.

  • Rocker sole reduces plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel by over 25 percent.

  • New ankle strap eliminates heel slippage.

  • Zoned outsole provides traction under the midfoot.

  • MetaShank Protection provides more rigid control under the metatarsal heads.

  • Removable insole fully customisable with over twice the padding.

OrthoWedge  Shoe

Heel Float Walker Boot

Product Code:
503142 Heel Float Walker Boot Small (3" wide)
503143 Heel Float Walker Boot Medium (4" wide)
503144 Heel Float Walker Boot Large/Bariatric (5" wide)
503099 Replacement Gel Pack - Specify Size (S,M,L)



  • Enables wearer to stand, pivot, and transfer.

  • Water-based gel insert lowers pressure beneath ankle.

  • Detachable tread pad for infection control.

  • Floats heel for total pressure relief.

  • Cozy Cloth liner reduces friction and wicks away moisture.

  • Wipe-clean outer cover.

Skil Care Heel Float Walker Boo
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