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Contour Back Support


Product Code: 230006


Full length back support that ensures that no part of the back is unsupported. Ideal for travel, it offers full support and maintenance of the spine's natural curvature while in the car, at home or office.

Available in small, medium or large sizes.

Full length Contour Back Support

Total Spine Support

Product Code: 230004 (Model 1 for firm seating)
Product Code: 230005 (Model 2 for soft seating)

A full moulded back support featuring unique flanking support designed to prevent lateral movement. The support offered by the flanks relieve stress on the major structure of the lumbar spine and rib cage. 
Beautifully covered and ideal for the car, office and couch. Model 1 for Firm seating. Model 2 for Soft seating.

To support the lumbar spine and rib cage use the Good Posture Cushion on your chair

Back Hugger Memory Foam


Product Code: 230010



Contoured to provide support and help alleviate lower back fatigue. 
Special built-in spinal support column.Features an insert which can be removed by those who want to reduce the product depth or modify the lumbar curve.


Back Support - Koala Komfort


Product Code: 230003


Koala Komfort is a Lower Back Support with an adjustable lumbar zone. It contours to the back providing lumbar support for natural spinal alignment and to improve posture. 

The Back Hugger Memory Foam features a special built in spinal support column
The Koala Comfort Back Support is a Lower Back Support with an adjustable lumbar zone. Provided correct spine alignment

Bassett Lumbar Support


Product Code: 419945


Open mesh design allowing free circulation. Very light and easy to carry. Weighs 850 grams.

Now comes with a strap.

Bassett Lumbar Support has an open mesh design allowing free air circulation
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