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Bathroom Equipment Hire


Do you have questions or need advice about hiring equipment? Please contact us by e mail

or phone the Qld Rehab Showroom on 1300 743 710

Shower Chair. Height adjustable, armrests

Shower Chair

$12 per week

Shower Stool. Height adjustable, armrests

Shower Stool

$12 per week

Transfer Bath Bench for Hire

Bath Transfer Bench

$15 per week

Reclining and Tilt In Space shower commode for hire

TIS Shower Commode

$55 per week

Attendent Propelled Shower Commode Chair for hire

Transit Shower Commode

$30 per week

Hire this Self Propelled Shower Commode Chair

Self Propelled Shower Commode

$35 per week

Adjustable Bath Board for hire

Bath Board

$15 per week

Hire This Over Toilet Seat Frame

Over Toilet Seat Frame

$12 per week

Bellavita Bath Lifter for Hire

Electric Bath Lifter

$20 per week

Please Note: All pictures and descriptions are indicitive only of the equipment which will be supplied. Actual equipment may vary from time to time. Equipment and specifications will always be at least similar to the item shown.

 *Terms and Conditions apply. Please speak to a customer service agent or retail store assistant for details.

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