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Section AB03 Bed Blocks

Bed Block Raisers Plastic material

Bed Block Raisers (Plastic)


Product Code: 9020 (100mm)

normally stocked item


The Bed Raiser system consists of 4 modular components. The products are all sold separately Height : furniture is raised per unit 100mm.



  • Diameter of well in top 65mm

  • Depth of well in top 15mm

  • Allowable weight, set of four 250kg

  • Material: polypropylene

  • Cleaning methods: Autoclave, or common soap or detergent 

Blox Bed Raisers


Product Code: AA3308 (Blox Bed Raisers)
Product Code: AA3306 (Blox Chair Raisers)

normally stocked item


A lacquered hardwood cube, with one recess in the top and an additional plywood base for greater stability. Designed specifically for beds. Custom sizes available.


Specifications (Bed Raisers)

  • Block Height 178mm (7")

  • Raise 130mm (5")

  • Max leg diameter 75mm (3")

  • Base 152mm (6") square

  • Weight 750g each. 3kg set of 4

  • Supplied as set of 4

  • Maximum total load 318 kg 

Wood Blox Bed Raisers

Cone Raisers (Plastic)


Product Code: AA3300Y
Product Code: AA3302 (5.5)

normally stocked item


Lightweight but extremely strong moulded cones with a broad base and a recess for the chair or bed leg. They have anti-slip pads to hold castors still.


Sold in sets of four.
Maximum total load 222kg. 

Plastic Cone Raisers

Section AB04 Bed Board

Anchor 1

Bed Board Custom Built - Measure and Install


Product Code: BBCUST (Double)
Product Code: BBCUSTSIN (Single)


Approval Required: No
Approved Prescribers: OT, PH, Ch, Ost, RN, S, LMO

DVA supplied single bath board
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