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About Qld Rehab & DVA RAP Programme

A major contract holder of the DVA RAP programme is The Country Care Group, and Qld Rehab is The Country Care Group the largest sub-contractor in the group nationally.TCCG is made up of a national group of service providers that carry the full range of products required to meet the clinical needs of its clients. The group has a proven track record in delivering equipment solutions within tight timeframes to the DVA, Hospitals, Occupational Therapists, Health Care Centres and other service providers. The Country Care Group consortium is primarily made up of privately owned and operated businesses where the owners usually work within the business. Currently the group have over 60 showrooms and warehouses in various locations across Australia, and operate in excess of 200 delivery vehicles. The groups experienced team members have a vast wealth of knowledge within the rehabilitation products field, and understand fully the needs of their clients. The Country Care Group & Qld Rehab Equipment.Your National Provider with Local Support. 



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