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General Products - Eating & Kitchen Aids

We have many other aids to help in the kitchen and with eating in stock at all times. If you can't see what you need here please contact us

Ucello Kettle


Product code: UCCketip


The effortless pour action of the Uccello Kettle was designed using the unique PowerPour technology. Its non-weight-bearing 'tilt and pour' action from the ergonomic handle directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup, without removing the Kettle from its cradle. The weighted base arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and easily.

Ucello Kettle

One Touch Automatic Can Opener


Product code: AH07KC26


The innovative hands-free One-Touch automatic can opener can open most cans between 53mm and 153mm diameter. The opener ‘walks’ around the can and switches itself off automatically, leaving an easy-to-remove lid with no sharp edges. Perfect for seniors, or anyone with weak hands. Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

One Touch Automatic Can Opener

One Touch Automatic Jar Opener


Product code:AH07KC12


The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener will open stubborn lids at the touch of a button. No twisting, no pulling, no pain, the Jar Opener is ideal for people with weak or infirm hands – simply fit over the lid and let the One Touch do the hard work. Suitable even for new, factory sealed jars! Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

One Touch Automatic Jar Opener

Opener Rubber Bottle Screw Top


Product Code: 250505


Flexible rubber moulding for an easy, firm grip on small tops e.g. drink bottles or medicine containers. Also excellent for turning knobs.


Suitable for tops up to 35mm (1 1/2") diameter. Weight 85g

Rubber Bottle Top Opener

Opener Rubber Twister


Product Code: 250510


A cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips on the outside, and ribbing on the inside to give a good grip for opening twist-off jar lids.

Suitable for tops 20 to 85mm (3/4 to 3 1/2") diameter. Weight 100

ister for Opening Rubber Twg Twist Off Jars

Vegetable Work Station / Food Prep Systems/ Boards


Product Code: AA5272: Vegetable Work Station

Product code: AA5276: Food Prep System

Product Code: 250015: Board - Spread with Lip

Product Code: 250016: Board - Wooden With Spikes

Product Code: 250010: Board - Bread H-Craft


This multi-function food preparation unit is designed to provide assistance with many day-to-day kitchen tasks. 

Cup - Doidy


Product Code: 250055


This two handled stackable polyethylene mug is moulded with the upper part at an angle to reduce the amount of tilt needed to drink from it.

Dishwasher-safe. Capacity 200ml (7fl. oz); weight 120g 

Doidy Cup

Cup - Feeding Clear Pair


Product Code: 250070


A clear plastic beaker, designed for easy gripping, which has a vented lid with a drinking spout.

Available with 4mm or 8mm spout hole. Supplied in pairs.

Capacity 200ml (7fl.oz). Dishwasher safe up to 135°C

Cup - Nosey


Product Code: 250095 (118ml)
Product Code: 250100 (237ml)
Product Code: 250105 (355ml


These cups are designed for added comfort and convenience. A special cut-out helps to maintain the proper head and neck positioning when swallowing, making drinking even easier. Each tumbler is transparent which enables monitoring of liquid intake.

Durable polypropylene makes these tumblers dishwasher safe up to 109°C (228°F). Available in 118ml size

Nosey Cup

Mug Two Handled


Product Code: 250480


Each mug has two handles to assist control, and is supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and one with a drinking spout.

The mug is dishwasher safe, but not the lid.

Colours may vary. Capacity 250ml (9fl.oz)ei. Wght 110g. 

Mug with Two Handles

Cutlery Set - Queens


Product Code: 250125 (straight cutlery set)

Angled cutlery available as individual items only - please contact us for product codes.


A range of stainless steel utensils with an angled head mounted in the Queens built-up handle, enabling those with limited wrist movement to eat more easily.

The knife has a blade bent at an angle to the handle and can be used with a rocker action. The fork and spoon are available as right or left handed versions.

Specifications are for standard Queens range.

Length of handle 98mm (35/8"). Diameter of handle 30mm (11/4").

Queens Cutlery for Independent Feeding

Cutlery Set - S Grip Bendable


Product Code: 250130




The spoons and forks in this range feature a twist in the metal shaft to allow them to be bent to the desired angle. The utensils can be bent to either the right or left to the position that is the most comfortable for the user.

The knife has a curved rocker blade to allow the user to cut with minimal effort.

The comfortable 38mm (11/2") wide built up ribbed rubber handles provide an improved grip.

Super Grip Bendable Cutlery  for East Eating for people with tremors

Surround Plate Incurve


Product Code: 250770


This flexible guard can be fitted to ordinary plates to assist with one handed eating. Three clips attach it to the rim and create a high inward sloping face to help with food collection and prevent spillage.

Plate size 190 to 254mm (7 1/2" to 10") external diameter.


Microwave and dishwasher safe. Weight 45g.

Incurve Plate Surround to Prevent Food Sliding from the plate when eating with one hand

Plate Inner Lip


Product Code: 250540


The curved inside edge keeps food from sliding off the plate to make self-feeding easier for children or adults.

Plate is 230mm (9") in diameter with a 25mm (1") rim and a 13mm (1/2") edge.

Dishwasher safe up to 80°C (180°F) and microwave safe. Made from polypropylene. 

Inner Lip Plate for easier eating

Plate Manoy


Product Code: 250545 (Large)
Product Code: 250550 (Small)


These melamine plates are designed to help those with one good hand or who have difficulty picking up food with utensils. They are oval in shape with a sloping bottom and high sided end to help scoop up food without spilling it over the side.

Not suitable for microwave ovens, but dishwasher safe.

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