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General Products - Fall Safety

We have many other Fall Safety Products in stock at all times. If you can't see what you need here please contact us

Droppies Fall Mat


Product Code: Droppies


The DROPPIES fall mat is made of high impact foam with an easy-to-clean vinyl cover. Thanks to the non-slip material, the mat will remain stable on the floor. The bevelled sides make the mat makes it easy for wheelchairs. Made of high impact foam - High skid resistance & easy to clean. Easy for wheelchairs to roll on 
3-way foldable design. Includes convenient carrying and storage bag. Size: 182 x 100 x 5 cm

Droppies Fall Mat helps prevent fall injuries

Pillow Paws Double-Imprint Terries Non Slip Socks


Product Code: PPD


They provide warmth, comfort and are an excellent choice for patients who are returning to their feet.

Our double-imprint line of patient safety footwear, assures that the slip-resistant tread is always in contact with the walking surface. This assurance helps get patients back on their feet with confidence.

Unlike other manufacturers, the slip-resistant tread is printed on the smooth side of the terrycloth fabric. This allows the ink to "puff" and create a full, robust tread design. The ink is not lost in the terry loops, enhancing safety and comfort. Our Pillow Paws Terry Slipper Socks are machine washable for multiple usages. Pillow Paws non slip socks are supplied in pairs

Pillow Paws.jpg

Pillow Paws Foam Slippers


Product Code: PPOFS


Original foam slippers are made of soft, light-weight, nonskid foam.Single Use.

These slippers help maintain hygienic protection, are inexpensive and ideal for one-time use. Colour coded by size. Supplied in pairs.

pillow paws foam slippers.jpg

HeadSaver Head Protector


Product Code:


HeadSavers are available in two sizes which are fully Velcro adjustable to fit most people. When placed on the head Headsaver offers an extremely comfortable fit that holds the HeadSaver in place so that during a fall the HeadSaver should not come off the head. If additional securing to the wearers head is required a Velcro detachable chin strap with clip is provided with every HeadSaver. There are 3 coverings available to dress up HeadSaver in style- the classic beanie, the practical sun hat, and the very stylish headscarf. HeadSaver - the only stylish soft head protector thats scientifically validated!

HeadSaver Head Protector to help prevent head injuries in the elderly and dementure patients

HipSaver Interims

Product Code: 


Immediate hip protection for newly admitted nursing home residents and hospital patients, available with hip protection pads permanently sewn in only.

HipSaver Interim is the perfect solution for hip protection as you implement each patient's individual falls protection programme. Because it is not underwear, HipSaver Interim need not be patient specific. Yet, like all HipSaver products, HipSaver Interim provides reliable and comfortable hip protection for your patients while you assess their specific hip protection needs.


HipSaver Interim provides is ideal for:New admissions, Acute care and short stay patients,Residents with temporary changes in risk factors

HipSaver Interim comes in sizes from S to XL and is also available with additional tailbone protection, which provides additional security for those patients who are at high risk of falling.

HipSaver Interim Pants with HipSaver airpad Technology to prevent hip injury in a fall

HipSaver Shorts


Product Code: HSHCS


Hip protection in comfortable, casual style with the same proven all-soft AirPad technology as our other models.

Perfect for both women and men, HipSaver Shorts have the same all-soft hip protectors and the same proven hip protection as other HipSaver garments, but in a comfortable, casual style.

 HipSaver Shorts are smartly designed in classic navy blue. Both are pre-shrunk to fit properly and like all HipSaver products, HipSaver Shorts are easy to wash and dry. Simply throw them in with your regular load of coloured laundry.

 Five hip sizes offer a perfect fit for any active body. HipSaver's all-soft AirPad® technology allows for a tapered, stylish fit that blends with your body shape while giving you superior hip protection.

 As well as HipSaver's superior hip protection HipSaver Shorts are also available with added tailbone protection. Constructed of the same material as HipSaver hip protection, HipSaver tailbone protection provides you with additional security if you should fall backwards.


HipSaver SlimFit


Product Code:


Designed for optimum style and comfort, HipSaver SlimFit delivers excellent protection. Made from polycotton with form fitting Spandex, HipSaver SlimFit looks good, feels good and pulls on just like regular underwear. It's lightweight and flexible enough for walking fold, tennis, skiing and other sports, and comfortable enough for everyday wear. The High Compliance version has permanently sewn-in soft protecting pads. HipSaver SlimFit is also available in grey fly front. 

Soft, thin (13mm) pads, tapered for protection with style. Ultra-soft breathable polycotton-spandex for comfort and smooth fit without being tight or binding. Comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day - even when sleeping. Fully machine washable and dryable, even at high temperatures. Sizes from XS to XL for a proper fit

HipSaver Open Bottom Hip Protector for falls risk people with urge incontinence

HipSaver Open Bottom


Product Code:


HipSaver Open Bottom was designed at the request of nursing staff who saw a need for a hip protection garment that allows residents to wear their familiar underwear and alleviates problems for those with urge incontinence or challenges in removing close fitting garments. 

HipSaver Open Bottom is hip protection that can be worn close to the body with confidence. HipSaver Open Bottom is latex-free and contains no skin irritants. Ultra soft breathable polycotton-spandex allows for a smooth, comfortable fit. Wide elastic leg bands are never tight or binding. The open crotch design reduces accidents due to the 'fumble factor'. 
HipSaver Open Bottom is comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day - even while sleeping. Hip protection pads are soft, thin (just 13mm thick), and tapered to provide effective hip protection with style. 

HipSaver Open Bottom is the perfect hip protection for those with Parkinson's and others who experience problems with motor skills or manual dexterity challenges. HipSaver Open Bottom additionally allows nursing staff to provide quicker, easier care for those who need assistance with toileting. Like all HipSaver products, HipSaver Open Bottom is complete machine washable and dryable to temperatures up to 95'C

HipSaver Open Bottom Style
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