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General Products - Hygiene & Grooming Aids

We have many other Hygiene & Grooming Aids in stock at all times. If you can't see what you need here please contact us

Bottom Wiper (Folding)


Product Code: 250025


A folding bottom wiper with a moulded plastic head that has recessed serrations to grip the paper. * Folds into three for easier storage. * Designed to be used from the front. * Length: 265mm (10 1/2"), folds down to 120mm (4 3/4") long. * Weight: 80g

For those who can't reach - this bottom wiper can help. Folding for ease to carry around

Etac Beauty Back Washer


Product Code ET802100080


The Etac Beauty Back Washer is designed to make it easy to reach and clean the body, especially the hard to reach back area. The wash cloth does not absorb water, making the product light and balanced even when wet. The ergonomic handle is designed to facilitate a two handed grip for people with limited strength or reach.

Replacement wash cloths are available.

Reach the hard to reach middle of your back with this back washer

Etac Beauty Hairbrush (Long)


Product Code: 802100074


Etac Beauty Hairbrush are curved for the best comfort and control when combing/brushing the hair. The handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip.

This longer version is suitable for users who only can reach to the shoulder.

Long Hair Brush for People With Limited Arm Movement

Toe Washer


Product Code: 250825 (AU10)


A long stem with plastic built up handle and a flat wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes.

Two pads included.

Length 710mm (28"). Weight 300g.

Freedom Wand


Product Code: HealthSaver FWMASTER 

FreedomWand - The 4 in 1 Personal Hygiene & Toilet Aid

Multipurpose, portable aid for toilet paper, bathing, shaving, or applying ointment.


ShowerSandal FootScrubber


Product Code: 80017


A Brilliant New Innovation that effortlessly cleans and massages your feet and Feels Amazing. Give Your Feet A Treat!

•Requires No Bending or stretching to use,
•Has small suction cups that affix Easily to the shower floor,
•The Sandal cleans in-between toes, arch, heel, sides & top of foot,
•The Sandal gives a Gentle Massage that Feels Invigorating,
•Easy to keep clean and provides good Foot Hygiene,
•Designed and manufactured in Scandinavia. 

Effortlessly Cleanes Feet in the Shower - Shower Sandal Foot Scrubber

Medpro Sitz Bath


Product Code:760-675


Fits most standard toilet bowls. Edges are slightly contoured to assure comfort. Made from durable plastic.
Comes complete with tubing and 2000 cc (2 litres) water bag

Sitz bath fort perenial hygiene
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