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Section AU08 Long Handled Comb / Brush

Long Handled Comb / Brush


Product Code: 250030 (AU08) (Brush)
Product code: 250045 (AU08) (Comb)


Approval Required: NO
Approved Prescribers: OT, PH, RN, S, LMO


These utensils assist those who cannot raise their arm or reach behind their head to comb their hair.
They consist of a lightweight moulded plastic handle with a push-on extension piece, and a hinged end piece which holds the comb or brush and has two different angled positions.
When not in use, the comb or brush folds back into the handle and the extension can be taken off to give a pocket sized item.



  • With extension 460mm (18");

  • With handle 320mm (12 1/2");

  • Folded 235mm.

Long Handled Comb / Brush
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