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General Products - Patient Lifters

Molift Mover 180


Product Code: Mover180


Molift Mover 180 is a compact and Light weight lifter, suitable both in home care and institutional environments.

The Molift Mover 180 has a lightweight alloy construction that makes the lifter very easy to maneuver. The large lifting interval, 27 - 163 cm (10.6" - 64.2") allows lifting from high surfaces as well as lifting from the floor. Molift Mover 180 has also the option of 2 - or 4-point suspension.

For improved carer ergonomics, the Molift Mover 180 is equipped with Molift's unique push bar that provides multiple and flexible grip possibilities. It is also equipped with Molift's environmentally friendly NiMH-battery. Molift Mover 180, like all Molift lifters, is also equipped with the unique service notification system that notifies when service is required. The integrated service software can also be used to retrieve data about lifter usage and lifting patterns.

Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter

Molift Mover 205

Product Code: Mover205



Molift Mover 205 is a workhorse for frequent and everyday use. It´s an all-round mobile lift for all situations. Molift Mover 205 is a flexible all-round mobile passive lift for all lifting and transfer situations in nursing, institutional and hospital settings. Although having a low total weight of 39.3 kg (89.5 lbs) facilitating wheeling and maneuverability, the unique construction allows a safe working load 205 kg (452 lbs).


Excellent reach, low and high.


Molift Mover 205 has an excellent lifting height, with the lifting interval 37 - 179 cm (14.5"-70.4"). It has a standard 4-point suspension that used together with a Molift Sling provides a comfortable and spacious position for the user. A quick release function provides options of other suspensions in different dimensions. Equipped with environmentally friendly NiMH-batteries.


Molift Smart 150


Product Code: Smart150

Molift Smart 150 is designed to be easily wheeled and transported to where it is required. It is primarily suitable for use in home care, for travelling or to be easily stored away.


Comfortable and safe transfers.


The lifting range of 27 - 168 cm (10.6" - 66.1") provides an excellent maximum lifting height and at the same time gets very low, facilitating lifting from the floor. Standard 4-point sling suspension ensures a comfortable and spacious lifting position for the user. Molift Smart 150 has been awarded for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council. Molift Smart 150 has a unique construction that distributes weight evenly and together with the compact footprint makes it easy to maneuver even in narrow spaces.

Molift Smart 150 Patient Lifter

Molift Quickraiser Standing Hoist


Product Code: quickraiser



The Molift Quick Raiser has been awarded by the Norwegian Design Council for Design Excellence for its pioneering design and functionality. The inclined straight column imitates the natural pattern of movement and fulfills the lifting needs of users with some degree of weight bearing capacity.


By virtue of its compact design and low weight, Molift Quick Raiser 1 is stable and easy to maneuver. The unique wheel position and near perfect weight distribution of the base provides a small turning radius with easy maneuverability even in narrow spaces.


The inclined straight column imitates the natural pattern of movement and fulfills the lifting needs of users with some degree of weight bearing capacity. Molift Quick Raiser 1 has a safe working load of 160 kg / 352 lbs. The extra low base (70 mm / 2.8") and narrow front (340 mm / 13.5") fits well around toilets, under most beds, chairs and wheelchairs

Molift Quickraiser Standing Hoist.jpg

Oxford Advance Patient Lift


Product Code: OXF-ADVANCE


The Advance™ patient lift uses the very latest design and manufacturing technologies to ensure the Advance is the most functional and stylish lift in its class toda

Oxford Advance Patient Lifter

Oxford Presence Patient Lift


Product Code: OXF-PRESENCE

A mobile, battery operated hoist which may be used to lift and transfer a person from a seated or lying position or on and off the floor. It can be dismantled for storage or transportation.

Suitable for use in a healthcare facility

Oxford Presence Patient Lifter

Lifter Slings



We stock a huge range of slings for all the popular brand of lifters. Please ask us for details.

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