Everybody will agree, that to be healthy, you need good rest. While bed rest is good for patients, it also has been realized that patients need to be assisted to become active as early as possible. During the recovery period the patient is dependent on their own strength in combination with the help of staff to be mobilized. However, during the early stages of healing and mobilization, when the patientis still very weak, the strain on the staff can be an occupational hazard. We believe that there must be another way to mobilize patients safely and support staff with this duty - we are therefore pleased to present to you the Stiegelmeyer Vertica hospital bed: perfectly conceived and precisely engineered to the needs of both staff and patients.

We understand about STANDING UP.
Complete mobilization from the bed starts with a sitting position. While being bed ridden in a supine position and rendered completely passive, meals cannot be eaten and all nursing activities cannot be performed. Social activities such as interacting with visitors and staff, and even reading and watching TV is awkward and unpractical. Sitting upright with feet firmly supported is the first step back towards a normal life for any patient.

For more details on the Vertica bed please visit: http://www.verticabeds.com.au

Vertica - The Mobilisation Bed

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