The armrests are constructed so they go beyond the seat. This makes it easy both to get a good grip when a person wants to sit down but also to get up again. We have designed the armrests to bend out like a butterfly, so the body doesn’t get squeezed, getting in and out of the chair. The butterfly armrests of the XXL-Rehab Bedside commode also provide much better functionality for the user, compared to other chairs with straight and short armrests where it is almost impossible for a bariatric user to get a good grip.


The height of the chair is adjustable from 42 to 55 cm. It is very important to adjust the chair to the right height to have success getting in and out of the chair. If the chair is too high for the user, the feet will lift off the ground, making it hard to get seated in the chair. If the chair is too low, the user will have trouble getting up.


It is often a problem for bariatric users to be seated comfortably. Sometimes the seat depth is too short, sometimes too deep and with no back support. We have designed the seat to be individually adjusted to provide comfortable seating. The backrest can be moved +/- 6 cm and the bent tubing assures that the right comfort can be found.


It is easy to clean the XXL-Rehab Bedside commode with its removable seat pad. No tools are needed and the bedpan is redesigned for a smoothly hygienic cleaning operation.


It is also made easy to both handle and move the chair from place to place. In the construction of the chair we have only used high-tech lightweight tubing, to provide the highest strength at the lowest weight.

XXL-Rehab Bedside Commode

  • 325kg Weight Capacity