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General Products - Ramps & Wheelchair Accessories

We have many other Ramps & Wheelchair Accessories in stock at all times. If you can't see what you need here please contact us

Lightweight Portable Ramps

Product Code: TRO25 1010mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 25mm (H) 7.3kg 
Product Code: TRO50 1140mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 50mm (H) 13kg 

Made from slip-resistant recycled rubber, these ramps offer a simple way to increase doorway access and reduce tripping hazards. 
The ramps comply with access and mobility gradient 1:8 and are maintenance free. 
Sizing can be altered for lower obstacles by cutting with a Jig-saw. Ideal for home, work, aged care facilities, retirement villages, hotels or shops and light enough to be used as a portable ramp. 
Available in two sizes

Made from slip resitant recycled runbber. Raven Lightweight Portable Ramps

Silver Star Single-Fold Ramp

Product Code: RAMP2 - 61cm (2')
Product Code: RAMP3 - 91cm (3')
Product Code: RAMP4 - 122cm (4')
Product Code: RAMP5 - 152cm (5')
Product Code: RAMP6 - 183cm (6') 


Silver Star single-fold aluminium ramps offer a reliable solution for transitioning curbs, thresholds and other obstacles. 
They are available in several different lengths and can accommodate a weight capacity of 272kg (600 lbs.) 
The ramps are easily portable or can be secured for permanent positioning. With an integrated, high traction surface for secure usability, they offer an economical solution to tackling obstacles up to 51cm (20").

The Silver Star Ramps are folding aluminium ramps for wheelchair access

Decpac Edge Barrier Limiter Range


Product Code: 2CEBL



The E.B.L (Edge Barrier Limiter) range has the added security of edge barriers. Particularly suited to providing instant access to cars, buses, trains and buildings where a permanent ramp is impractical.

Available in different lengths to provide solutions to obstacles from 225mm to 1000mm in height. Length ranges from 900mm - 3.5m, width 820mm and weights from 7kg to 19kg. 

Decpac Edge Barrier Ramp (E.B.L)

Decpac Personal


Product Code:2PGP



The Personal model is a lightweight ramp that is very portable and makes access easier in and around the home or workplace.
Ideal for climbing kerbs and similar obstacles.


  • Length 700mm

  • Width 740mm

  • Weight 4kg

Lightweight Ramp ideal for climbong kerbs, thats the Decpac Personal Ramp

Decpac Senior


Product Code: 2GS135P



The senior range offers you a flexible variety of ramps to cope with obstacles from 225mm to 1000mm in height.

As with the Personal and Multipurpose models each is remarkably lightweight and strong.

Length ranges from 900mm - 2m, width 750mm and weights from 6kg to 13kg   

Decpac Senior Ramp is a flexible fibreglass ramp fro wheelchair access

Adjustable Lateral Support


Product Code: SK706050


Maximum support is provided by width adjustable side panels.Minimises lateral leaning in wheelchairs & most other chairs.Foam padded sides adjust laterally for a custom fit.Will not interfere with residents ability to reach wheelchair hand rims.Wipes clean for easy care

  • Small (width adjusts 8" to 12")

  •  Med (width adjusts 12" to 18")

  •  Lge (width adjusts 16" to 24")

For a custom fit wheelchair supprot system choose Skil Care Adjustable Lateral Support

Wheelchair Legrest With Padded Sides


Product Code:


Prevents legs from falling behind the footrests. Controls the legs from falling off the sides of the footrests. Foam padded to prevent bruising from contact with the wheelchair. Easily attaches to most wheelchairs with buckle release straps. Covered with durable wipe clean vinyl. Fits most 16", 18" and 20" wide wheelchairs.

20"W x 11"D x 8"

Skil Care Wheelchair Legrest With Padded Sides

Lateral Stabiliser Arm Trough


Product Code: SK


  • Converts a standard armrest to a stable platform

  • Trough stabilises arm when resting on wheelchair armrest

  • Helps stabilise upper trunk through added support

  • Can be used on either side of wheelchair

  • Conveniently slips onto armrest without straps

  • Covered in low-shear stretch wipe clean cover

  • Available with a gel pad for additional pressure relief

  • #914220 Lateral Stabiliser Arm Trough with Gel Pad

The Skil Care Lateral Stabiliser Arm Trough has agel insert and fits to most wheelchairs

Lateral Body Support with Gel Insert


Product Code: SK914210


  • Controls lateral leaning in wheelchair or geri-chair

  • Vertical support stabilizes torso

  • Foam-cushioned armrest trough supports arm

  • May be used on left or right side

  • Low-Shear II wipe-clean outer cover reduces skin damaging friction

  • Gel pad insert

  • Rigid insert maintains strong support

  • #914210 Lateral Body Support


The Skil Care Lateral Body Support controls lateral leaning in a wheelchair
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